• April 15 ,2017


Hey loves,


So, after a lot of delays, I finally got to go on my much awaited trip to the beautiful Abu Dhabi with VISIT ABU DHABI ! It was quite a long and detailed trip, and it was one my favourites till date. As usual, I would love to tell you guys all about it and take you on this beautiful journey to Abu Dhabi with me!


We left on the 16th of December, while it was still dark. I'm usually a very messy packer, but this time, my mom helped me with my packing, so my baggage was in prime condition :P. We got to fly to Abu Dhabi with Etihaad Airways, that too in their business class. This was super exciting. Before our flight, we chilled in the Business class lounge for a while, feeling very posh. After a long and tiring flight, we finally landed in Abu Dhabi and we went straight to our hotel. We were staying at Jumerah, Etihaad Towers. I went to my room, which was super pretty, and also had a breathtaking view of the city.

So, on our first day in Abu Dhabi, we went to the observafion deck, which is on the 74th floor and is the highest viewpoint of the city. The view was so gorgeous, we were completely in awe of it. Then, we had some tea and went to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Upon reaching there, I had to change my clothes because there is a rule there stating that the people have to be fully covered. The Mosque was so big and so beautiful. It was calm and peaceful and we just sat there in the serene atmosphere for a while. As night dawned, the Mosque lit up with lights and looked even more
beautiful. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel. After a quick nap, we went for dinner and called it a day. 


Day 2


We started off Day 2 with a visit to The Galleria . We had lunch here and also visited this flower store called "Forever Rose London" which sells flowers that can last for 3-10 years! How fascinating is that? After this, we headed for Zaya Nurai Island, which is said to be one of the prettiest islands. We got there by taking a boat ride, which was so beautiful on it's own. On this island, we got to see the many different types of villas, including one called the Water Villa. The villas were so absolutely gorgeous, with their designing and their view. I fell in love and a part of me wanted to just move and live there forever. To finish off the day, we had a hearty dinner by the sea. The food, the view...everything was just so perfect. I think this is one of my most favourite places out of all the places I've been to.

Keep on the look out for the second blog post, telling you all about the other half of my trip to Abu Dhabi!


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