• March 22 ,2017

Travel Hacks!

                       1.   PLANNING EVERYTHING IN ADVANCE.

                         When you are travelling abroad, make sure everything is planned beforehand. You are going to a foreign country where you are

                         going to be totally unfamiliar.        

                       A. Passports.

Before planning your trip, make sure your passport is way away from the expiration date. Airlines prefer six months before, but we say at least a year.

B. Visas.

Now, the second important thing after checking you have a passport is the visa. The visas are the most important part of travelling abroad. It is a form that has to be filled well before time so that you are allowed to stay in the country for a particular period of time.

C. Tickets

When you are booking your tickets, one important thing that we don’t know is that as many times we check the flight fares on the same website they keep on increasing, the hack to do this is to make sure you browse in a private window!
Booking your tickets too much in advance will cause you to pay more, so make sure you book the flights two months ago and not too much before that because you will need to pay more!

D. Hotels

   Some people prefer to go there and look for hotels but that sometimes may not prove so handy when you don’t know much about the area. So the hack to book good hotels is to simply check out the reviews on different websites such as goibigo.com. 


2. Packing

Packing is one of the most tedious tasks and can be a real pain if you are one of the organized. So we’re going to tell you some of the top hacks to pack your suitcase and make sure everything stays organized.

A. Use packing cubes.

It can be really difficult to pack with your clothes rolling in every direction, hence packing cubes were created. They ensure all of your clothes are packed without a problem and guarantee you the highest form of organization. To buy them, just go through Amazon. They have a ton of products in all different sizes and shapes!

B. Pack ONLY the Versatile Items. (Do NOT Over-pack)

When you are packing your clothes make sure you carry limited pieces of them. To carry a lot for no use would mean taking up unnecessary space in your suitcase.
We would suggest carry 2-3 pair of jeans, shorts and couple of basic tees for a 4-5 days trip.

C.  Pack your shoes into a shower cap, and then put them in the suitcase. This ensures that your other clothes don’t get dirty too!

D. Buy zipper bags. In case of the clothes, which you don’t mind getting creased (best for dirty clothes), put them in zipper bags. Zip them up and then roll them, 80% of air is poofed out and you can put them anywhere in your suitcase!

        3.  Sightseeing

A. Make sure you make a list of which all things you want to explore!

B. If you’re on more than one country tour and visiting limited number of cities, make sure, you plan everything in advance especially if you are only there for a day or two.

C. Make a list of every sight you want to see and all the food joints you want to try.

D. Check their opening and closing time and make sure you know the specialty of the food joint that you are visiting.

E. If you are going to an amusement park or a theme park, make sure you check online how the ticket systems work. You should have them booked well before time!

4. Food.

A. Now when you are travelling abroad, there is one very important thing that you must not forget and that is food.

B. Make sure you know your options if you are a vegetarian. It’s hard surviing out there like that! Carry ready-to-eat when you are abroad to avoid any unnecessary problems.

C.The food is one of the most important parts of the place you are visiting. Each place has its different cuisine and is known by it so you wouldn’t want to miss on that!

D. Check google and pintrest about the most famous affordable cafes and visit them.

5. Currency.

A. Make sure you carry a global debit/credit card so as to withdraw money from anywhere possible.

B. Even if you are carrying only cash, make sure you hide it safely in your suitcase and under no circumstance do not carry the money when you go sightseeing in a foreign country. Carry limited amount of cash.

C. Convert all your currency before you go to the country. Travelling to that country and exchanging cash there would prove a little expensive.

D. If you have booked the tickets quite some time before, keep an eye if the value of currency drops, hence you can exchange your money at a much cheaper price!

6. Travelling.
Travelling in and around the city can be tough in a foreign country and that is why before going to explore make sure you have the necessary downloaded goggle maps on your phone

A. Make sure you have all the cab applications on your phone! (preferably Uber)

B. Buy a bus pass or a metro pass if available, it makes travelling easy and affordable!

C.Google on what is the easiest way to travel around the city.

That's all for now! We hope that this blog helps you and you are all geared up for your next trip!



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