• March 28 ,2017

Top 5 food joints in South Delhi.


This time we’ve come up with the 5 best food joints in South Delhi for all those who love to Eat the best food available around in a college budget.


Here we go:

1) Hunger Strike- Hunger Strike serves the best ever tandoori momos with a tangy dip. It has a punjabi feel to it and is a go-go for all the spice lovers. All you need to do is navigate to Amar Colony’s main market and watch for the most crowded place, which is HUNGER STRIKE, although there is no seating available at the place, it is still one of the most popular spot for students staying in and around Lajpat.

Where: Amar Colony

Best Picks: Tandoori Chicken Momos

Price: INR 250 for two     

2)  Wafflesome- Wafflesome serves light, fluffy, crispy, waffles that feels like a fuzzy warm hug. If you want to play with your taste buds then apple cinnamon is something you should try. When you’re tired of the long shopping hours, this place is where you want to go to cheer up your mood. On the top of it, it is heaven for vegetarians since all waffles are egg-less. They have only one of this in the entire Delhi and trust us, it's worth it!

Where: M Block, GK-1

Best Picks: Nutella waffles

Price: INR 500 for two



3) Kev’s Maggie Point- If you’re staying in south campus then you have to try Kev’s Maggie because it is one of the best things that happened to Satya Niketan. Kev’s Maggie Point has a special menu with three categories of maggie- Flavours of India, European Aroma and Fragnance of China. We personally love its Indian flavour but if you want to try something different go for Continental Maggie.

Where: Satya Niketan

Best Picks: Punjabi Tadka Maggie

Price: INR 100 for two


4) Rajinder Da Dhaba- Rajinder da dhaba is not just a restaurant, it is a whole lane full of delicious food. It serves the best Punjabi non-veg and the Galawati Kebab’s are out of this world. If you want to visit an original Delhi Dhaba, this is the place for you.

Where: Safdarjung

Best Picks: Butter Chicken

Price: INR 600 for two


5) Concept Shawarma- Concept Shawarma is the only place where vegetarian foodies don’t feel bad about Shawarmas. It is the place you’d want to go in the evening with your friends for a snack. They don’t have the seating available, but the quality of food pretty much covers it up!

Where: Defence Colony Flyover

Best Picks: Paneer Shawarma

Price: INR 400 for two

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