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Continuing by Sri Lanks Journey with Cinnamon Hotels 

08 October

 We woke up pretty early in the morning. We had an amazing early breakfast and left for the Hiriwadunna Walking Excursion. Hiriwadunna is a village in North Sri Lanka. This walking excursion provided an exciting countryside experience, completely packed with a boat ride, a bullock cart ride and rural vegetable cultivation. We also drank coconut water and saw a beautiful tree house, which was perfect for taking pictures. All in all, it was the perfect farm experience. We got to get away from the flashing city lights and immerse ourselves in the village life. 


After this, we left for Trincomalee and checked in at the TRINCO BLU BY CINNAMON. This hotel sits in the heart of the deep blue sea of Sri Lanka, and offers the best of the marine life. Every aspect of this hotel gives joy, that comes from close to nature; the water and the beach. With it's retro interiors and plush comforts, it makes you feel right at home. The hotel has a huge pool bug the best part is that the hotel is right at the beach. The decor of this place was super nice and soothing. Everything was the colour of blue and white, which gave us major Greece vibes. 

Later in the evening, there was a beach party! There was loads of yummy food and drinks. All this was accentuated by music. We danced all night long, then went back to our rooms, completely exhausted.

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09th October

The next day, i.e the 9th of October, we again had an early breakfast, because there's just so much to do and no time to waste. We went for a Trincomalee City Tour. On this tour, we covered the Konneswaram Temple, which is also known as the Temple Of A Thousand Pillars. It is an ancient temple to the Hindu God Shiva and is surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery. We also got to visit the most loved beaches of the city, the historic and cultural sites, and a got a glimpse of wildlife along picturesque bays of the harbour.

10th October

The next morning, we packed our bags and headed for the Trincomalee Railway Station, to head to our next destination. After 8 very long hours, we finally arrived and checked into our last hotel, CINNAMON BEY BERUWALA. It is one of the largest hotels by the southern coastline of Sri Lanka. This expansive property is located in a naturally formed bay, which only adds to the feel of paradise. It provides extravagant ocean living, and the hotel has an overall Turkish theme. After a very warm welcome, we checked into our rooms. We rested for a while and took the entire feel of this beautiful resort. Afterwards, we had a very delicious and extravagant dinner.



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