• September 21 ,2017

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 | London with OPPO!

Hi everyone! We’re back with another travel blog, and this was one of my most exciting trips ever! (I know, I know – I say that before every trip these days.)

We were in London for the ICC Champions Trophy, 2017. Oppo, which was one of the main sponsors of the Indian Cricket Team was kind enough to invite us for one of the games! Before we go any further with the trip, I’d also like to tell you about an Oppo handset, the F1S which was launched late last year. It is a premium, updated version of the F1, but is still a budget phone with some great specifications like the Gorilla Glass 4 (People who regularly drop their phones raise your hands!?), a 3075 mAh battery and best of all, a 16 MP selfie camera! It’s available in 4 colours – Gold, Grey and everyone’s favourite – Rose Gold.

And now on to a little more about the trip, we were there for India’s second game of the tournament, the one against Sri Lanka. Also, we were at one of the most famous stadiums in the world – The Oval, which was amazing on it’s own. The atmosphere at the stadium was completely different from anything I’ve ever experienced before – it was buzzing with passion, some bhangra music and yes, confidence. Have you noticed how we remain completely confident of victory even when everything is going haywire in the match, because “It’s not over until it’s over, yaar!” And we were completely heartbroken when things didn’t go our way and India lost the game by 7 wickets. And even though the stadium seemed filled with Indiand during the match, the Sri Lankans made sure they didn’t go unnoticed with their victory celebrations! I completely loved the experience of watching the game, though and I’m sure that the next time I go for a match, we’ll be on the winning side.’

The next day, Oppo set up a tour of London for us, and we went to see some of the most famous sites of the city! We started with Buckingham Palace, the home of England’s royals, and then went on to Westminster Abbey, a beautiful church, best known for all the famous weddings it has hosted. The church is amost thousand years old, and huge towers, and arches give it a regal look. We wrapped up the day with some shopping at Oxford Street, and if you’ve seen my London haul, you’ll know I went just a little bit crazy with that!

I’d really like to thank Oppo for taking us all they way to London, and letting us have this amazing adventure!

Here are some pictures from my trip. Let me know which place you like the best!

Outside the Oval before the match!

My #OOTD! The blue jacket was a touch of #BleedBlue ;)

Dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Who doesn't love nachos?!

Casual Tourist Picture!

The cloudy London skies were my absolute favourite.

Delhi attitude in London!

The famous Westminster Abbey, and a gorgeous, blue sky.

Trying to get the perfect selfie with my Oppo phone!

Crossing the Thames! Can you spot the Big Ben at the back?

View From the Top! London Eye.

Did you think I was going to come back without getting this picture?! ;)

The London Bridge, and Us. :)



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