• September 27 ,2017

Guide to London

London attracts almost 20 million visitors every year. The red telephone booths, the view of the London Eye with the Big Ben in the background is probably something we’ve all seen online. If you’re planning to be one of the 20 million, here are some things that will make your visit absolutely picture perfect.

  1. Save Some Cash

    Step 1: This needs to be done before you’re in London. Get a Travel Card! London has an extensive transportation network, which covers almost the entire city. The TravelCard can be used on virtually all means of Public transport - the Tube, National Rails, buses and trams! You’ll also get amazing deals, unlimited travel, and best of all - no queueing!

    Get those receipts: UK has a VAT scheme which makes certain travellers eligible for Tax refunds on their shopping. All you need to do is collect the shopping receipts, and a special form (VAT 407) that you must fill up and present at the airport when you’re leaving, and the authorities will take care of the rest!
  2. Eat & Sleep: How, When, Where?

    Food & accommodation are slightly expensive, and a meal for 1 will set you back about £10 - £15. However, since London has amazing food culture, you won't regret it! To save up on accommodation, research well and book early! You can also stay at an Airbnb for the authentic London experience.

    Some of our restaurant recommendations would be Dishoom, which is for when you’re feeling homesick, and just need some spicy food. Everything from the decor, ambience and food will have you thinking of home. Another great restaurant is Walk the Wok, just a stones throw away from Oxford Circus, London’s most famous shopping area. The food is fresh, inexpensive and customised to your liking! The best part is, they have something for all kinds of foodies (Vegetarians included!).
  3. Explore!

    Pick up your backpacks and set out, and even if you don’t have anything planned, you'll stumble upon some amazing sights. Take a tour of the Tower of London (which is host to the Crown Jewels and yes, the Kohinoor) and London Eye before you finally head over to Kings Cross! If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’d know about this place already. But, be warned, to get a picture at platform 9 3/4, you’ll need to queue up for 2 - 3 hours! So put your best face on, and chat with other fans while you wait. There's a little Harry Potter merchandise store right next to the platform, so let the Potterhead in you loose! Cross the London Bridge, and you’ll find yourself at the Big Ben. Easy - peasy.

    Another great place you can go to is Peggy’s Bakery, which is the cutest all - pink cafe, and is great not just for the yummy food, but for some amazing Instagram pictures as well ;)
  4. Shop Until You Drop!

    Be prepared to exceed all your shopping budgets, because London has amazing places to shop at - from luxury brands, to high street and thrift shops. The famous Primark has a number of outlets all over the city, and is perfect for more budget friendly shopping. Selfridges  is a one stop shop for all your high end brands, and lastly, Bond Street, which is an extremely popular place to shop at, and has an array of luxury brands. So much to do, so little time!

Here are some pictrues from my trip to London. Enjoy! And let me know what you're looking forward to the most. :)

Hello, London!

Iconic spots in London!

Every little spot is so photogenic!

Went to the cutest little cafe. Cakes + Pictures. Done!

Street Shopping in London!

And finally,
did you think I'd come back without this picture?!

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