• July 15 ,2016


Day 5
So it was the day of my birthday. I don’t know for some reason I don’t like celebrating birthdays in a grand manner. I think you expect a lot and you end up being disappointed. So, I like to take my birthday very casually just like any another day. So, we started off with a good buffet and left the park hotel as it was our last day there. We shifted to Rio resort for our last two days. We checked in pretty late around 2-3 pm, rested for an hour or two and left the hotel to enjoy our day.
It was not a usual birthday scene where I dress up and go to a cafe or club to party. I’m a total grandma at heart, if you ask me to choose, I’ll rather prefer to stay at home or enjoy my day with my closed ones.
After we enjoyed our evening, we went back to change and got dressed up in our formal attire so that we could go for a nice dinner later.
The day was perfect just how I like it. Im sorry I don’t have many pictures from the day because I wanted to enjoy the day and not stress over getting that perfect Instagram worthy picture.

Day 6
After breakfast, we relaxed for a bit. We decided to go to the pool as it was huge and we are water babies.
We had so much fun at the pool, we played games and what not. The music was super chill and to make it even better, it started raining. Thinking about it makes me wanna go right back. After spending an hour or two there, we changed and left the hotel to enjoy our last full day in Goa.
We stopped by pink chillies for some pictures and I’ve heard many great things about the food there but still we decided to explore this other place called Lila Cafe and as excited as we were, what happens after reaching there is that we get to know that it’s closed due to monsoons. What?? Yes this was my reaction then. But then we decided to head back to our favourite place Curlis at Anjuna beach. We took some pictures there and then hogged on to the food. We were there till sunset and left for our hotel. For dinner, we decided to go back to fishermen cove and it didn’t disappoint us at all.
So the next day, we had a late evening flight to catch and so we decided to explore all the touristy places near Panjim which we were unable to explore as it was quite far from our hotel.
To our disappointment, it was raining heavily that day. the only regret that I have is we should have visited the place before monsoons. If you’re planning to go the best time is from October- March. But nevertheless, I had so much fun on this trip which I’ll obviously cherish forever. I came back so fresh and energised with all the sweet memories from our trip. It couldn’t have been any better because of the awesome company I had. You know they say it right-
It’s always about the company not the destination. If you’ve good company with you, a normal place can become so happening to you. We missed out on so much due to monsoons but I would still exchange any single day with these days !

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