• July 07 ,2016


Day 3 (17th June)
It was a beautiful morning as usual and the view from the room was so scenic and pleasing like always. So this day, we finally decided to take the scootys and explore Goa. We left the hotel after a filling breakfast. I wore this mirror work white top with denim shorts. To pretty things up, I styled it with a Banjara bag and big nose ring. We took our scootys (fun fact I don’t know how to drive) and headed towards Anjuna beach.
There’s something so magical simply about being in nature and living in the moment. We stopped by in between to take pictures and stuff. We were in no hurry and were enjoying to our fullest. It was as if we were kids again with no worries. We were randomly singing cheesy songs (you’ve probably seen it if you follow me on snapchat :p). We were recommended this place called Antaris by a lot of people so we thought, why not try it out? We entered the place and sat by the window with a perfect picturesque view. The location and decor were no doubt great. We ordered a Pesto sauce pasta and I have to admit that I was not satisfied with the service at all. The prices were really high too. After waiting for about an hour ,we decided to leave the place ? As disappointed as we were, we left for Anjuna. It was around 6 pm by then. And it was the best time to relax. We were sitting by the beach enjoying. The sky was perfect as if it was painted with orange and pink colours. I’m a nature addict and I never wanted to leave the place. But you gotta listen to your tummy first ?
It was probably around 7:30 pm by then. We straightaway headed to curlis which is also recommended by a lot of people. We sat by the beach not letting to go of the feeling. This place didn’t disappoint me at all! The food, the ambience and the view everything was just perfect. We filled out our bellies with yummy food. And before leaving, I met a reader who was really sweet. I mean everyone is really kind and sweet whenever I interact with them but she was just extra special. I felt so connected to her, she was so genuine and nice as a person. She left me with a huge smile and kind words which I still cherish. If you’re reading this post, I just wanna say I love you :’) ❤
The day was coming to an end but our energy wasn’t. It was pitch dark by then and we were riding on streets with no lights whatsoever. ( Singing songs as usual ) We reached our hotel and we were informed a day prior that there’s gonna be a karaoke night for two days. We headed down to the main event area. Everyone was dancing and having what we call the best time of their lives. We joined them too and had so much fun. By then we were hella tired, went back to our rooms and dozed off.

Day 4 (18th June)
We started off the day pretty early and left for Fort Aguada. We reached there around 1 pm and after exploring the place, we took some pictures and left. It was really hot and were hungry by then again ? On our way back, we stopped by this place called fisherman’s cove. The decor was pretty decent. The food was really nice too! We reached Calungate beach, enjoyed swimming and then went back to the hotel’s pool again. By the time we were done swimming, we were really tired. We rested for an hour or so and then we headed out to St Anthony’s at Baga Beach for my birthday eve ??. The ambience was on point, the mood was lit, just perfect to celebrate and welcome this much awaited day! There was a karaoke night there and we danced the night off like no one was watching. Trust me, there couldn’t have been a better start to this day.

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