• January 08 ,2016

2015 Highlights and My Goals for 2016!

During this time of the year, all of us are usually filled with a lot of mixed emotions, reviewing the year gone by and what all the new year has to offer. So, I thought to write and share all my highlights from 2015 and goals for 2016, it’ll be so fun to look back and see this post a year from now.
*I launched my very own website in April, before that I used to post simply on weebly or insta.

*I reached 100K followers on Instagram. Although you should not measure your success through numbers, but it feels really good when you achieve a milestone. I literally can’t digest the fact that there are so many people who support my journey and love me for who I am.
*I was selected as a mentor from Delhi amongst other prestigious bloggers and went ahead to win the Swarovski style your way to Paris contest. Like seriously? All because of you guys!!

* I walked the ramp at Goa, India beach fashion week. :O To be honest, this was way beyond my expectations and I was way too nervous before walking the ramp, but as soon as I got there I was in full swing. The energy, the vibes, the crowd cheering me up and the applause, everything was so magical and out of the world. Best experience of 2015 hands down!

* I went to PARIS!! <3 Paris was always on my bucket list and little did i know that ill be ticking off it this very year! Everything is so beautiful and artistic there, you can’t help but fall in love with the city. I got to meet some amazingly talented people there and I came home feeling even more inspired and motivated.image24-683x1024

*I was fortunate enough to work with some great brands- French connection, Tanishq, Clarks, Being Human, Quirk box, StylebyAnd, Global desi, Ritu kumar, India Circus, Swarovski, Amazon, Chumbak etc.

*I travelled to 4 different cities this year including  Udaipur, Manali, Mumbai and Goa! <3 I love to travel and I think, this year was even better as I was travelling alone for the very first time.It teaches you so much about yourself in general and discovering new places and cuisines is always a great idea!

*I was honored to be featured in prestigious newspapers and magazine including Times of India, Hindustan times, Cosmopolitan and Graziamagazine, Foxlife website.

*Won Clarks #Shoediaries contest! 😀

*I was on radio for a whole week. 😀

*Meetups! It’s so good to meet you guys in person, listen to your stories, our selfie sessions and everything!

At the end, I just want to thank you guys. It’s because of you guys that I’ve had such amazing opportunities. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’ll reach a point where I’ll be loved by so many people and that I can actually make my hobby a profession! I love every single minute of my life and I want to keep growing and achieving different things, Thank you for always always being there, your comments lift me up whenever I’m down and I just want to make my #bohogirlies more and more proud! Thank you for being you <3

Now coming back to goals
* I want to make more and more content for you guys this year.
* Post more videos. Be more active on YouTube.

* I want to work on my body and be more fit.

* Read more and more books this year as i love reading books but I haven’t had spent much time on them last year.

* Visit five different places this year.global4-1024x693

* Be more Adventurous.

* Join a hobby class or just something for fun.

Lastly, I want to thank you guys so so much for completely changing my life! You guys put a smile on my face and I can’t imagine where I would be without you guys, I hope 2016 is super great for you guys in every single way! :*
XOXO #Bohogirlies


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