• January 20 ,2016

Summer to Winter Outfit!

I’ve been off my game lately! You know sometimes trying to be perfect can ruin the beauty of things. I’ve procrastinated a lot this month, being your own boss is not as easy as it sounds, there’s no one telling you what to do and what not to, you’ve to keep yourself going and not to fall into the funk! Now that you’ve read about me ranting about my procrastination habit, let’s get back into the post!

Being a lover of anything boho and hippie, I figured I’ve never really talked about my love for anything in Tie and dye, so Vastra by Milonee has some really great tie and dye clothes and they sent me over some selected pieces from their collection to style and post on my social media handles(no this blog-post is not sponsored :D) this one crop top and skirt set was really tricky to style as it’s really chilly in Delhi, So I thought I’ll show you guys how to style your summer outfits for winter. I just wore this grey sweater over the crop top and this antique silver earring as a brooch. Lastly, I added these grey reflectors and paired it with these shiny silver metallic oxford style shoes. You can also add some tights and switch the shoes with boots and you’re good to go!

Let me know how you like this post! Until next post,
xoxo #bohogirlies

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Akshita Vohra
22-Mar-2017 07:37:19 PM

I loved your styling in this, boho jewelery with that tie and dye ❤ just simply amazing ❤ is my blog and it's inspired from you in some way or the other. You are a true motivation for all the bloggers out there 😊😘

Uniform Bucket
12-Mar-2019 10:46:07 PM

You look prominent in each look, the way you represent yourself is just awesome! I deal in office uniforms, work wear and corporate uniforms. Checkout my site:

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