• December 26 ,2016

Revolutionizing Selfies With The All New Vivo V5

Hello Loves,
I'm pretty sure that all of us are familiar with the daily struggle of taking the "perfect selfie". The front camera resolution is just not good enough. Moreover, the pain of finding the perfect lighting so you look your best, just adds to the struggle.
Well, worry no longer. The days of struggling to take the perfect selfie are over. I recently had the opportunity to use the all new smartphone; the Vivo V5. This phone is every selfie taker's dream come true. It introduces, for the first time ever, a 20 Mega Pixel front camera. This is by far, the highest resolution front camera offered by any smartphone available today, enabling you to take selfies of extraordinary clarity with every picture. And if this wasn't enough, the phone also comes with the moonlight selfie lighting effects. So now, you no longer have to scramble to find the perfect lighting and can take the perfect selfie even in the dark! Can you believe it? 
And to top it all off, there is an additional Face Beauty mode, to ensure you look radiant and flawless in every single selfie. The selfies I took had vivid natural colours and the perfect quality and lighting so I was finally able to achieve the so called, perfect selfie. 
Apart from the game-changing selfie features, the phone also comes with a 40GB RAM for all your storage needs, Hi-Fi music for your musical requirements, along with faster finger print unlocking in 0.2 seconds and the latest split screen technology, so you can multitask all you want! What more could you ask for? 
I am, personally, in love with this phone. The phone, with its sleek design and ultra-slim frame, is absolutely beautiful. It gives my selfies the feel of a professional photography studio! 
The Vivo V5 is honestly revolutionising the way we take selies. I would 100% recommend this phone to each and every one of you.

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Revolutionizing Selfies With The All New Vivo V5


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