• August 19 ,2016

My Selfie Expert , My Oppo F1s

OPPO F1s – The new #SelfieExpert is the talk of the town.
There are very few phone cameras in the market that understand aesthetics and beauty. That’s why, a girl like me has to be very particular about the kind of phone she chooses. The outfit should be clicked in a way that all its flourishing colors can be seen distinctly. The image should be sharp and speak for itself. Also, how can one forget the rage of today – selfies!
A few days ago, I got my hands on the brand new OPPO F1s – the #SelfieExpert. I’ve used specialist camera phones like iPhone 6 and Samsung A8, but to my surprise, OPPO F1s is no less than them. Its camera quality is quite exceptional and I’m totally in love with it.

I love the design of it. The sleek, metallic build gives it such a premium look. Its available in Gold, Rose Gold and Grey color variants.

Talking of its camera, the specifications are – a 16 MP front-facing camera for perfect selfies. It also has a Beautify 4.0 app for selfie editing, the Selfie Panorama feature that stitches together three selfies, and the Screen Flash feature. When I got to know about the real #SelfieExpert features like these, I couldn’t wait. I had to take these selfies!
Gorgeous, aren’t they? I’m pretty sure the makers have taken painstaking efforts to achieve this excellence. Now let’s have a comparison of these selfies with the ones I’ve taken with other expensive smartphones  .

You can clearly see the difference. The quality with these isn’t bad but in the selfies by OPPO F1s, they’re sharper and brighter.
On a usual clicking spree, the battery drains out real fast when I use other phones. But with OPPO F1s, this wasn’t a problem at all.
Have a look at these snapshots:

In a nutshell, OPPO F1 is not just the best #SelfieExpert out there, it is one of the best camera phones I’ve ever come across. You can shoot great pics in normal lighting and adverse conditions for photography. The camera does it all for you.
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