• August 10 ,2016

JAGUAR LANDROVER- Luxury at It’s Best!

When I saw the Landrover Discovery sport for the first time, I was intrigued. For me, the car that I drive has to be perfectly suited for my needs – classy on the outside, easy to use and drive on the inside. It stood like a beautiful, strong beast and I couldn’t wait to give it a test drive!
The features of the car are incredible – with a nine speed transmission ( we all know how valuable this is because of DELHI traffic jams!), it has both off road and on road control, making it a go-to car for road trips to anywhere. Oh and it also comes with a Hills assist – That means not having to hire a different car when you are visiting the hills! Pretty easy right?
The car truly is a beast with a 2.2 litre engine and 4 cylinder. There is plenty of load space as well as flexible seating allowing a comfortable drive, especially for families or a group of friends ( that means I can fit in as many heels in my trunk woot woot!).
The interior of the car is elegant and sophisticated. Ebony paint and front down lighters make the perfect combination and it has a push button start. However, Landrover has made no compromises when it comes to safety. It has 7 air bags alongside an automatic crash unlock, Audible Seat Belt Warning , Child Seat ISOFIX Anchor Points: Row 2 Outer Seats and a Perimetric Alarm with Remote Panic Alarm (always better to be safe than sorry).
Don’t let the beauty deceive you; it has some excellent tech with an eight inch colour touch screen, easy navigation maps, Bluetooth and streaming features. So you can go cruising down the streets with your favourite music playing without any hassle.
I’m surely going to start saving up because I am affirmative this beauty belongs in my garage and I am sure you feel the same! Exterior? Beautiful. Interior? Marvellous. Features? Oh I’m out of adjectives but you get the point. It truly is the extraordinary experience every day. I cannot imagine anything that rivals this.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to their website for some more details (YES, there are more awesome features I couldn’t fit in here) and book a test drive here

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