• March 12 ,2017


Ah, the festival of colors is around the corner and it would be right to say that as fun as it is, that’s not the same case with skin and the hair.

But worry not; we got you for now on.

Here are some tips that you can use to save your skin from all those chemicals and harsh contents.

1. Put double layer of coconut oil all over your skin including the navel and space between your fingers. The oil acts as a protector of the skin and do not let the colour stay nor lets it penetrate the skin.

2. Try to wear thick layer of clothes to avoid the color and tan. Of course holi is played in the sun, and if not covered properly you might have a tan which might not go away for days. 

3. Apply a thick layer of lip balm on your lips and carry it everywhere.

4. Get out the darkest coloured nail polish that you have and apply them on your nails. We all know how much we hate when the colors refuse to go away from our nails and no amount of nail polish remover can remove it. So, apply the dark nail
polish, which won’t let any holi color stay on you, and you are good to go.

5. Now applying coconut oil to your hair is again very important. Acts as a shield from the colors!

6. Do not wear any jewelry while playing holi. No earrings or anything!

7.SUNSCREEN. Your best friend for the day. Do not forget to wear it! It’s going to save your skin.


Now we know holi parties are the best and that’s why fear not, we’ve got you here. We have a couple of suggestions for this particular issue.

1. A plain white anarkali suit with colorful dupatta! To complete the look you may braid your hair to the side. Simple, elegant and ready to go!

2. Now for a little more fashionable girls, you can pair your shots with a long straight white kurta! It’s and easy and chic look!

3. Now dresses are for every occasion. Wear a white dress and top of it a colorful cape!

4.  For a more easy and carefree look, go for a big oversized white tee paired with jeans.


1. Half up bun! (Take the upper half hair of your head and twist them up in a bun)

2. A side braided fish tail. It’s easy, chick and messy.

3. Two French braids. Now, this is my personal favorite. I love the bohemian vibes this hairstyle gives and I can’t get enough of it!

4. Two buns up!

5.  Messy bun- Just take all of your hair and twist them up into a bun.

6. For girls who want to leave them open, you can by having a cap or bandana over your head!


Pro-Styling tips!

1.  Wear sunglasses so that your eyes do not get hurt with the chemicals of the colours!

2. Try carrying a small sling, which can carry all your essentials.

3.  For all of the girls with a twist, wear a rajasthani pagadi with a nose ring to slay the day!

4. Try braiding your hair with a stole!


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Rishika Boddu

Thank you for sharing these ideas with us and also love your blogposts!❤️😭


Lovely blog posts! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us also. Visit to try natural hair care products online.


Nice colourful post!! Keep it up!!


Wow so cute pics and perfect photography i am in love with this post.


Love it ! you look so carefree and nice.. I wish I could be like you.


Where did u get the earrings from ??


You both are so pretty :) Lovely Pictures . http://www.angelmstyle.com


Nice pictures!


Nice tips ! You are looking cute !

Mayank khanna

Love it

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