• April 16 ,2017


The Weather is getting hotter day by day, and we’ve already told you about the best sunscreens available, this time we’re bringing you recipes of 5 best homemade coolants.


         1. Watermelon Lemonade-

Prepare watermelon puree by blending it and straining the extra mash. Refrigerate it and mix with sugar-syrup, lemon, cold water and a pinch of rock salt.

Serve with fresh cut watermelon to freshen up.


             2. Cucumber Detox Water-

Slice one cup cucumber, half lemon and half grapefruit in a pitcher, add ice-water and   refrigerate for an hour. Serve with Cucumber-jalapenos-basil Salad and bread croutons for the mid-day snack on a Scorching hot day.

3. Mango Ginger Punch-

Scoop out mango pulp (enough to fill a cup) and mix it with some water to liquidate. Take a jar, pour sugar syrup and add half cup lemonade. Add mango pulp and stir till it mixes well. Serve with mango pancakes for a perfect mood.


4.   Berry-Berry Lemonade-

Add half cup blueberries and half cup raspberries in a jar (You can also add strawberries). Add ice on top of it, then add a layer of sliced lemon and mint leaves. Add more ice and some sugar syrup. Carry this jar with you to work and have a sip whenever you feel stressed.


     5.   Pineapple-Orange Water-

Add half cup sliced pineapple and one orange in a Jar, add soda and mint leaves. Add cold water and ice. Refrigerate and serve when required. Serve with Pineapple-Chaat for a change.



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