• March 21 ,2017

Comfort and Confidence with Whisper!

On the surface- a life of a blogger must look glamorous with travel, photoshoots, runways and more. But it takes a lot of work and confidence! Behind those photo-shoots, there’s a lot of effort put into scouting locations, convincing people and then, there are millions of photos which don’t make the final cut.


So, how do I do it?


Usually I start my morning with a cup coffee, this wakes me up and gets me geared up for the day. If you guys know me, then you probably know how late I sleep and how I early I get up! So, I really, really need that coffee. That’s what gets me started and then, I dive into the day. Scheduling and creating different things to ensure that my life and my blog is on track . My routine is set but on those five days of the month or the periods, I need a little more care and comfort.


That’s what it takes to be my most confident self during my periods.  So, when Whisper introduced the new Ultra Soft that’s twice as soft. I knew it was something I needed to try. It has special soft pores that drive liquid to the core where it is locked and a longer length with wider back for long lasting performance. This means it continues to absorb wetness hour after hour.


This translates into more confidence and comfort on a shoot and on those fun holidays.


As women, we have learnt to make way for ourselves, how to be unstoppable and confident. We chase our dreams, no matter what the circumstances are; we have an urge to prove our self! Periods are hardly a taboo for us anymore! They don’t affect us that much, we aren’t shy or embarrassed, we sit like we want, sleep like we love and even pose channelling our inner diva 😊


So, if you’re into feeling your comfortable best throughout your period, give the New Whisper Ultra Soft a try, it’s available in stores now!

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