• July 19 ,2017

6 Off Beat Cafes You Need To Visit When in Delhi!

Ask anyone what they’re reminded of when someone mentions Delhi, and the answer is probably going to be food! From delicies paranthas in the winding lanes of Chandni Chowk and street side momos with the spiciest chutney, to Hauz Khas Village and CyberHub; in Delhi, everything is possible when it comes to food! We tell you some of the most offbeat restaurants and cafés around the city, that’ll make both your stomach and your soul happy.

1. Kunzum Travel Café, Hauz Khas Village.










Photo credit: Raj_Hogwiz

If travel is your thing, you’re going to love this place! The décor is simplistic, and so is the food. You can sit on a ‘moodha’ and sip some Chai or Coffee with biscuits while you listen to the stories of fellow travelers, flip through some travel magazines, or just look at the photographs that are framed on the wall, and let them engulf you, and share their memories with you. And just before you leave, add your Travel Wish to their board. The Café works on a Pay As You Wish system, and while people talk about their travels, it truly feels like home.

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

2. Prankster, Gurugram.

True to its name, this café has the quirkiest menu! There is enough variety for both Vegetarians and Non – Vegetarians. Some of the dishes include a ‘Sharma Ji Inspired Veg Hot Dog’ the ‘E = MC2’ which is a Maggi and Chicken dish, Fattir (which is a flaky Egyptian pancaks, often called Egypt’s version of the Pizza) and to finish off, a Dahi Bhalla Ice Cream! We know you’re curious so head over here now and check it out yourself.

Chhole Kulche Donuts at Prankster, Gurugram. Credit: Virinda Dembla

Nearest Metro Station: Huda City Centre

3. Puppychino Café, Shahpur Jat

Are you a dog owner who hates leaving their pet at home, or a dog lover who’s parents just wont agree to get a dog? We found the cutest space for you! Puppuchino was started by two sisters Naini and Mallika Tandon who used to feel guilty when leaving their dogs at home. The menu has a little something for everyone – even your pups! There is also a separate play are and merchandise section so both you and your dog can splurge a little!

Peanut Butter & Banana Cupcakes for Doggos at Puppychino, Shahpur Jat. Picture Credit: Puppychino.

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas


4. Lights, Camera, Action – Hauz Khas Village & Rajouri Garden

As the name suggests, this is a Bollywood themed restaurant, and what’s more – their dishes are also named after your favourite Bollywood stars. They have a ‘Nacho’ Saare Jee Phad Ke, a Pyaar Tune Quesadilla and Jeb Katras (Can you guess what these are?). At this restaurant, even placing your order will be fun! Enjoy your meal with some Bollywood soundtracks and for desert, finish off with the Vilayati Babu (Waffles) or the Black and White (Gulab Jamuns), and a selfie with your favourite star! (Or a poster of them…close enough?)

Credit: Lights, Camera, Action 

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

Nearest Metro Station: Rajouri Garden

5. Latitude 28, Khan Market

Credit: Diva Restaurants

Located right above the Good Earth store in Khan Market, this is a cosy little restaurant in Khan Market. If you love clean, no fuss food, then this place is for you. Their menu is compact, but has enough variety – from Lassi to Pine Wood Smoked Tea served with biscuits. The ambience is relaxed, the décor is a soft pastel and the music is soothing. Go here for a chilled out evening, which might take an exciting turn because this place is often frequented by some famous people!

Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market

6. Café Lota, Indian Crafts Museum, Pragati Maidan

Credit: Hemanshu Sardana

The location of this café contributes to its ambience. Tucked away in a leafy corner next to Indian Crafts Museum, Café Lota serves traditional Indian meals. You’ll often spot artists at work, or the occasional peacock dancing. The café welcomes you with some terra cotta statues, and the décor beautifully reflects the handicrafts of the museum next door. From Dhoklas to Fish Tikkas, the Kerala Vegetable Stew to Assamese Black Chicken…you can get a tour of India and in one place!

Nearest Metro Station: Pragati Maidan

Let us know which ones you visit, and which ones you love and think we missed!

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