• March 29 ,2016

Tropical Jasmine

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you must be knowing that I went to Mumbai last month with Mynykaa team. When Nykaa Team reached out to me,  I was totally sold on the concept, they planned to shoot this with 4 bloggers representing each fragrance. We had a lot of fun shooting for the video. Speaking of the video, sharing some of the pictures from the shoot. Hope you enjoy!

They officially launched their bath and body works range and now that I’ve tried the products, I am going to review them for you guys.
About the Products-
‘Boho’ as everyone calls me nowadays, the fragrance I was given to represent aligned with my personality perfectly-Tropical  Jasmine. Growing up I’ve always loved the smell of jasmine, It feels so calming and happy at the same time. So the tropical jasmine range came with three products- a body wash, lotion and a mist.
The Jasmine shower gel comes in a cute 300 ml bottle. Not a fan of the packaging but it really does a good job at what it’s meant to do, that is leave you with a refreshing and smooth skin.  The Jasmine fragrance does not linger on your body for too long though.

The Jasmine body lotion comes in a 300ml bottle with a pump which makes it easier to use and apply. It is creamy in texture but the good part is it’s not heavy on your skin like some of the other moisturizers. It seemingly merges into the skin providing it with just the right amount of moisture and jasmine fragrance to the skin.
Last but not the least, the Jasmine Body mist. Lately, I’ve been reaching for body mists over perfume because first of all they’re not heavy as compared to perfumes and summers are around the corner so its convenient to use a body mist instead. This has to be my favorite out of the lot. this fragrance really calms me down and keeps me dreaming amidst all the hustle and bustle of daily life routine.
Click HERE to shop for Nykaa’s Bath and Body Works range.

Hope you guys like the post, until next post,
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