• November 21 ,2016

Styling Nylon Jacket with Only!

Hey, loves!
I’m currently on the plane, traveling back to Delhi from Mumbai. The last two days in Mumbai were so much fun and adventurous (You know why if you follow me on Snapchat :p)
As some of you may know through my social media updates also, I was here for vogue Eyewear’s collaboration. Just to give you an idea about my current situation, I forgot to ask for a window seat and now I’m stuck in between heh. But, I’m so excited to go back and complete all the pending work. Yea I’m a nerd like that.
Coming back to the post, you guys know I’ve been collaborating with Only for over 7 months now and it’s been so great working with them. So, I went to Only’s store and checked out their new collection. It’s almost winters in Delhi so, I thought of creating a winter look for you guys. The first thing I picked up was this Nylon jacket, omg it’s so warm I can sleep in this for days. Love the quilting design and one can just easily throw this over anything. I paired this navy blue quilted nylon jacket with patchwork denims which are so trendy these days. Patchwork jeans just add the right amount of quirkiness to this outfit and lastly, to complete the look I added this blue sling bag and I was good to go.

Hope you guys like this post.
Until next post,
Xoxo #bohogirlies

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