• July 13 ,2017


Before I start this blog, I want to mention that most of the pictures used were taken from the Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

The thing about traveling is that every time you visit a place; you experience it differently. At 14, it was the noisy Shimla Mall Road that I loved, at 24, the clouds floating through the blue sky. So, an early morning flight (and Starbucks), and five hour long drive later, I was back in the city, and ready to add new memories to my basket of old ones. This time, the trip was sponsored by Sony, who were gracious enough to take us to Shimla for the launch of their latest phone, the Xperia XZ Premium, which is the world’s first ever phone with 4K display. Exciting, right?!


We reached the Wildflower Hall, our home for the next three days. It stands in the midst of a woodland, far away from the hustle bustle of the city, at a height of 8000 feet above sea level. The hotel’s wooden architecture offers glimpses into the of the British past of Shimla, while a peak out of its huge windows is a gateway to the beautiful city, and all it is today.

It was only fitting, therefore that we test out the camera on our brand new phone, the Sony Xperia XZ on the scenery before us. is, after we got done with the customary selfies and photo shoots; because if we could, all of us would make our camera take pictures that emphasize the contour that we spent 3 months learning with perfect background lighting and make our #OOTD from Sarojini look like it’s…well, from Not Sarojini. And, Sony’s Motion Eye technology came pretty close. The camera has an amazing Predictive Capture feature as well, which starts buffering your image even before you’ve clicked it. Sounds exciting, right?

Our first day in Shimla was ended with some darts and lying on the grass, watching the sky go from clear blue, to purple and indigo and finally, the starry night settle in around us; and we captured all of that with the Super Slow Motion feature of the camera to look back on, again and again. (Also there was some gym – time in between, but…let’s not talk about that. All days can be cheat days if you’re strong enough.)



Day 2 began with breakfast, and then we were finally off to explore. And our journey was complete with unplanned stops for photo shoots in the middle of nowhere; which, let’s be honest are the best places for photo shoots, and some music with our new phone's High Resolution Audio. Armed with its all day battery, we tested out new features, and went on to discover something new and amazing as we went along through its customized tips about our most frequently used features. Something I noticed was, that connectivity can be such an issue when you visit a hill station, but since this phone has Gigabit class LTE connectivity, we were blessed with superfast mobile internet at all times.

Our adventure quotient was pretty low (Taking pictures in the middle of the road, climbing hills for thrills) up until we went river rafting. And between the four of us (Namely: Scared, Excited, Excited and I’m Always Excited), we were eager to see how it would go. Surrounded by the hills, and the icy touch of water surprising us every now and then, it was every bit what we expected, and a lot more.

At dinner, and our last night in Shimla, we were fortunate enough to meet some natives of the city, and hear their stories, all between innocent laughter and enthusiastic smiles. We also got to try the special Pahari Topi of Shimla (I, with my high bun). And in that last, chilly Shimla night, I met the warmest people. The joy was short lived, though, as our impending early departure and my inability to be a morning person was looming.

With a final early morning photo shoot with the hills I’d grown to love as the backdrop, we set off, back on the bumpy roads of Shimla, headed towards home. And although I managed one final peak at the view, I found myself longing for the city, long before I’d left it.

Check out more features of the phone here.

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