• February 21 ,2016

Painting the town Red in Shantanu and Nikhil!

I seriously don’t know where to start, this happens to me all the time. I’ve so much going on in my brain every time that I’m not able to put in into words and express what I feel!

Moving on- first of all how are you guys? 😀 It feels like it’s been ages since I wrote a blog post, duh I need to get better at this( note to self: You have to be regular!) There’s a lot of stuff happening in my life right now career wise and I’m enjoying each day and whenever something good comes along, I always remember that it’s only because of you guys that I’ve had the opportunity to make my hobby into a profession and I’m forever grateful to each and everyone of you! It feels like we are a family and even though we haven’t met each other in person but I still feel that we #bohogirlies #bohofam is a large group of Friends ! So the other day, I attended a event because of a friend and we all were just chilling and then suddenly I hear someone announcing my name and I was like what? They asked me to come on stage and share my story! I was like wait, like seriously without any warning you’re asking me to be on stage in front of 100 something people and that too 25-45 age group! I have a terrible stage fright and I know it may come as a shocker but I’m a introvert and shy person, so you can imagine how it must have felt, to my surprise I went there and everything went really well! It felt so good to have faced my fear. Why I’m sharing this with you guys? Because I want each one of you to do what you’re scared of, everything in life comes down to facing your fears and coming out as a different person, you never know what’s waiting for you out there, it’s all about taking that risk! ( sometimes I feel I should start a series called motivational sessions with Kritika )
Now that I’ve ranted about my stage fright, I’ll come back to the post! As I told you guys I’ll be sharing three different looks for wedding functions, so this is the second look in the series, I’ve another one coming up really soon!
Stage 3 is a platform where you can rent designer outfits and that too at a very decent price and you get to wear the outfit for one day, I’ve always been a smart shopper and wasting truck loads of money on designer outfits was never my cup of tea and as soon as they contacted me I said yes. I was really confused but I finally narrowed down to this saree gown by Shantanu and Nikhil, I had heart emojis in my head after I saw this outfit on their website ? I wore this with minimal accessories as this piece is already complete on its own but I decided to add a little bling here and there by adding these Kundan earrings and gold clutch which came which in reality is a brush holder ? Now on to the hair, I kept it really sleek and elegant with a middle part and straight hair. As for the makeup I went with a bold smokey eye and nude lip shade and I was done for the day!
Lemme know how you guys like this post and If you want to see more such looks. Until next time,
xoxo #Bohogirlies

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