• March 16 ,2016


My Dear Fellow Women, It’s Time You #OwnThose5Days Too
We belong to a society where even today, there are a lot of taboos associated with menstruation. Though slowly, but surely, this orthodox mindset is changing, still even the most enterprising women hold back on striving for their goals during those 5 days of the month. This is precisely why when Whisper India launched its new campaign video featuring some of the most inspirational and remarkable Indian women succeeding in typically male-dominated fields, I was extremely thrilled. I have personally always been of the mindset that as a woman, we possess the power and brilliance to achieve the unimaginable, fighting all the hurdles that come our way.

We have the strength to push ourselves, break barriers and continue to strive for the best we can, all with dazzling smiles on our faces. Being a fashion blogger, my schedule is almost always packed. From early morning shoots to countless meetings all day long, I’m forever on the move and at the end of each day, I love the feeling of contentment my work gives me, no matter how hectic it gets. So, even during my 5 days of the month, I choose not to slack off or give in to the temptation of lethargy – I stay driven and never let the light of ambition within me die out. I make sure I  #OwnThose5Days!
It’s very essential for every girl and women to opt for a superior quality sanitary napkin like the New Whisper Ultra that enables me to be unstoppable, as it helps absorb more and lasts longer meeting all the requirements. Kudos to Whisper for making us stride ahead even during periods. So, to all my darling ladies reading this post, I encourage you to not treat menstruation as a setback. It’s a part of our lives and you should embrace it, rather than getting bogged down by it.
Here’s the heartening video  of Whisper India’s #OwnThose5Days campaign. Do let me know what  you think of it and do share your story on how you owned those five days.

<iframe height="350" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/MC7pTfy1vuA" width="425"></iframe>

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