• February 13 ,2016

Make it or break it this Valentine’s

Now that I’ve read the letter, i understand your feelings and what I’ve made you go through, I’ve neglected you and I feel bad for not taking proper care of you. I realize that you want to be at your best too and you’ve done a lot for me you even took toll on yourself but protect me, you’ve been through worse conditions like stress, pollution etc. but this time I PLEDGE to take care of you.

Dear skin,
No matter what clothes I wear,no matter what shoes and accessories I pair it up with, you shall forever remain the most integral part of the d-day!
Today, you reminded me that you are that part of my appearance that lets me be myself. You are the one who makes me comfortable and confident and helps me shine through the crowd.
My dearest skin, I may have neglected you, but today, your letter touched my heart and on the occasion of Valentine’s day, I would like to make a promise to you.
I promise to take care of you and nurture you more than before with your loving companion Emami Boroplus.

After all, you are my constant and you are always there to protect me from harsh conditions. I promise to keep you soft through moisturizing, lotioning and gently scrubbing daily and above all cleanse you thoroughly.

I promise to treat you well and keep you nourished using boroplus, because when you’re happy I’m happy from within, it all starts and ends with you and this time I’m taking a pledge to treat you with the love you deserve.

This valentines day I am taking the very first step of building a long lasting loving relationship with you.

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