• April 20 ,2017

How I decided to #GoOutAndBe

Hey Loves,

Today I’m here to tell you all my story. How did I ever stumble upon blogging?


Finding passion in what you do and doing what you are passionate about are two different things, but the end-result is the same. Fulfilment in life. Isn’t that something, we all should aim to achieve? It will not only give us satisfaction but also help us grow as an individual to a whole new level.

I was always skewed towards fashion and traveling. This was something that always kept me happy and fulfilled. That’s when I made up my mind that I have to do something around fashion and traveling. I didn't know how would I do it or if I would be successful at it or not. But as I was growing up, my path became clearer to me and I took the less travelled path of blogging. Blogging helped me to explore more about my interests in ‘lifestyle and fashion’.


I started blogging in college. Many a times I found it repetitive but my hobby of following fashion so keenly always kept me engaged with my profession. It was a long journey to reach to a point where I could finally be who I wanted to be along with doing what I love!

Remember back when you were just a kid? You would simply go out and do things. You would never do things thinking of how they could be beneficial to you. You simply would Go Out And Be. Nobody told you to do them, but you just did them. 


What I truly believe in is that each one of us should rekindle those hobbies we were once passionate about, and maybe turn them into a living you will get paid for.


Because I know for a fact that we all have this unique edge in us. Some of us are born techies. Some of us are born wearing creative hats. Some of us are born foodies. Some of us are people’s favourite. Some of us love social media. Some of us love their sports.

So shouldn’t we act on our inner instincts, and create a more fulfilling life where we can just go out and be? And love what we do?


Like how I was always a fashion and a travel enthusiast. Because I was born with such interests. Nobody asked me to try my hands in fashion. 

With this ever dynamic world we are living in, we also have the support of new and interesting jobs that have come up in the recent past and complimented our ever-changing lifestyles. Jobs that aren’t all documents and files. Like a job of social media manager, or a job of customer relationship management, or a job of virtual assistant. 

If you were able to identify with my story and want to tread on the path of professional enlightenment and towards a holistic life, I suggest you to find a job that you enjoy, so just #GoOutAndBe. Visit MonsterIndia.com and search for a job that matches your passion.


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