• October 08 ,2017

Celebrate Diwali with OPPO F3!

Hello everyone! How are you enjoying the festive season? I’m enjoying shopping and preparing for all the festivities so much,

So, if you’re confused about what to get your special ones, I think I might have the perfect idea for you. OPPO came out with a special Diwali edition cell phone, which is a gorgeous red in colour, to match with the vibrance of the Indian festivities.

The phone is a special edition of the OPPO F3, and has the standard features like the amazing battery, 64 GB memory to store all your apps and pictures, and a display that’s able to show 16 million different colours, so its a pop of colour for your everyday outfits…and so much more!

One of the most amazing features of the phone, and my absolute favourite  is the dual selfie camera. The phone lets you select different modes for solo pictures or group selfies, so you can get the perfect Diwali shot.

The striking golden Oppo logo at the back sets the tune for the festivities. If you’re someone who wants to get an eye-catching handset with some great features at an affordable price, this is the one!!

You can buy this phone for Rs 18,990 and sign up on Amazon for the next sale (Psst. You might be able to spot Virat Kohli on the page while you’re at it ;))

And now, without any further ado, here are some pictures of what the phone looks like! 

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