• September 08 ,2017

Canon EOS 1300D | Get Empowered

There is something strangely empowering about picking up a camera. Through the glass lens, there exists a world of our own. The lights can be as bright as we want, they can dance to our favourite music, the moon takes shape in front of us, a shadow can be both a butterfly and a bird, the clouds a spiraling cotton candy, and the sky, both a bright orange and a muted purple. I say this, not because it would make a cool caption for an Instagram picture (it would) but because some years ago, I picked up a camera and became That Boho Girl, and that was how I was empowered.

And since then, I’ve gotten so many questions and requests asking me to recommend a DSLR, but worry not! I think we’ve found The One.


The Canon EOS 1300D, which is one of the most affordable DSLR cameras available today and is created just for those of you who are entering the world of photography and are thoroughly confused by all the short forms and specifications. It offers features that are perfect for a beginner who’s looking to upgrade from taking pictures on their mobile phones to a DSLR. The camera has a range of auto features for the beginner, and once you become a pro, it won’t seem like a frustrating, old purchase as it allows enough flexibility for experimentation.


To me, one of the biggest challenges of being a blogger is having to remember to carry around a bag full of things. And if you’re the forgetful kind like me, you can probably relate to forgetting them at home and remembering 5 minutes before the photo shoot.


The Canon EOS 1300D, with its easy transfer and Wi-Fi compatibility ensures that you needn’t worry about forgetting your wires and adapters at home. The build of the camera too ensures that while you’re going about your day, there’s no unnecessary weight pulling you down! It is not bulky at all, and after filming in the scorching Delhi heat for years now, I’ve realized how important but underrated that is. After filming all day, the only inconvenience will be dragging yourself home in those 5 inch heels. :p


Coming to the quality of the camera, we’ve all struggled with lighting and resolution issues, especially in low light situations! But rest assured, with this camera, lighting won’t be an issue. Its high ISO (800, 1,600) means that it’s highly sensitive to light, and fares amazingly in low light situations. The camera emphasizes colours, textures and details perfectly, which is just what a blogger needs! It’s 18 Megapixels will ensure that your sunset pictures will be as great as your OOTD pictures. And since they’re so easy to transfer on to your other devices, share with your friends and print out your memories in HD!


Another question I often get is how to take the perfect flatlays. We’ve all seen these beautiful images on social media; and I know, I know. It’s hard to really perfect it. But this camera has a solution! It’s Auto White Balance (AWB) Priority Mode makes sure that once you perfect your layout (read: arrange everything in a carefully random fashion) no dullness comes peaking into your picture! Taking the perfect flatlay just became so much easier, and that too after I spent months struggling!

Another great addition is the Auto White Balance “White” mode, that ensures that whites appear pure white, instead of yellowish or bluish depending on the lighting – this made for superb results whilst clicking when out clubbing.

The Canon EOS 1300D is not just a brilliant accessory to have, but its so much more than that! It seems like the perfect fit for everything you need, be it your personal photo album or a work assignment.

Check it out, and create your own little world with radiant colours, bright smiles and your #OOTD at its very best.

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