• July 25 ,2016


Hello, Loves!
I hope that everyone’s doing good! I’ve been working a lot this past month – my schedule includes getting up for shoots and then sitting in front of my computer for several hours, editing and doing all that jazz. I’ve recently started my YouTube channel which is why I’m busy most of the time but it’s a good kind of busy you know?
I love working and keeping myself occupied and when you’re working on something you love, time flies by. It’s addictive at times, I know I’m sounding like a nerd but trust me once you find that something which gives you that spark you never want to stop!
I’m constantly learning new editing ways, reading books and what not, so that I can make myself better with each passing day because as they say, the day you stop learning, your failure starts.
Now, coming back to the post, Veromoda recently launched their new collection- Varsity which has owned millions of hearts in Europe already. Now that college is reopening and everyone’s getting ready and shopping to make that perfect first impression on their very first day, I decided to show you guys how you can style this sporty luxe trend without looking like as if you’re going to run a marathon ?
This trend is really easy to pull off and one needs to nail it and maintain that balance so that it looks casual yet presentable at the same time. I picked up this mesh net sheer top and I styled it with basic black denim which most of you must be having in your closet right now. To pretty things up, I paired it with some black boots (you can even go for sneakers, whatever sails your boat) and a pink backpack which is perfect for college and its always easier to carry a backpack to hold all your stuff and the best part is that it is so on trend these days.
Lastly, I added these fake glasses to give that whole nerdy feel to it.
You can always switch things up and give it your own spin.
You can pair joggers with a basic tee or a more structured skirt with some graphic tees and sneakers. Veromoda has a wide variety of pieces to choose from. I also picked up a mesh detailed shirt dress on which I’ll be doing an outfit post soon.
Some key pieces are also – bomber jackets, Joggers, Snapbacks and sneakers.
I would love to see how you recreate this look and what’s your take on this trend.
Until next time,
Xoxo #bohogirlie

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