• March 07 ,2017

Trend Alert- Fishnet Stockings!

Trend Alert- Fishnet Stockings.

Hey loves,

This year came with a bang and with that bang came Fishnet Stockings.  The New York Fashion Week was filled with this trend, may that be the runway looks or the street style fashion!

The best part about this trend? We absolutely love it. 
I have incorporated these five looks to give you all an idea how to work this trend out!


Gone are the days we wore ripped jeans as to show off some skin. The new look demands something different. Wear your fishnet stockings under your jeans, I guarantee you this is a look which will not disappoint you! This is for people who feel wearing simply the fishet stockings feels a bit too much and hence you could go for an 
Pair the jeans with a basic tee and boots, and you’re good to go!


Now all of you girls who have flat tummies, you may follow this style. Put on stockings under your jeans completed by a crop-top. Pull the stockings by their elastic so that they go under the crop top! This peek-a-boo style is totally gonna make you stand out!


Fishnet Socks took over the day when Kendall Jenner posted this picture on Instagram. For people wearing ankle jeans or heels or shoes, fishnet socks are a great way to give an edge over your outfit. They totally bring the shoes into focus and gives a certain sass to it!
Try it out!


Now this is a DIY Fishnet Stocking look. All you need is a pair of scissors and fishnet stockings. Tear it or cut it drom wherever you like but make sure you don't  get too carried away and wear them beneath the shorts for a total basass look! 


One of my most favourite looks, put on fishnet stockings beneath your shorts or under a dress or a long sweater to make your outfit instantly glamourous and stunning, trust me, it will not disappoint you! 


I'm pretty sure after this you won't be able to resist this style! Buy these amazing stockings at our website, click on the image!


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