• August 06 ,2017

These Glasses Are Everywhere, And We're Here to Help You Get the Look!

Round glasses are everywhere, and for good reason. They’re the perfect way to make your look trendy and colourful, or just to hide those dark circles maybe?! We tell you different ways to style this accessory, just like your favourite celeb did!

1. Style your glasses with a leggings and a loose top or some comfortable, baggy shorts. This is a great way to get a comfortable but stylish look for when you want to look great, but don’t feel like putting in all that effort.

2. Glasses are the perfect way to take your Indian outfits to a other level. Add some shades and a little bit of junk jewelry to your long skirts, saris or suits. With minimal effort, you can stand out in the crowd! Wear this to parties or college events for when you want all eyes to be on you. ;)

3. There are so many options when it comes to denims, that you can find a perfect fit, just for you. Add a little bit of retro or just a pop of colour with some tinted, round glasses to complete your look. You can go for clear shades for the nerdy look, or tinted ones if you’re fond of some colour. There’s something for everyone!

4. What’s your favourite kind of dress? It could be an A line, an airy maxi dress, or a casual babydoll one. A dress with some boots and glasses will instantly make your look so much more trendy. So the next time you’re late for college, throw on your favourite dress and add some round glasses to it, and you’re sorted.

5. You may have a lot of celebrities sporting glasses in their ‘airport looks.’ It’s a great way for them to avoid the camera flashes when they arrive; and I know, I know. No one is clicking us, but does that mean we can’t get our glare on?! Take your classes along on vacation, and add an extra something to your #wanderlust pictures on Instagram!

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