• October 29 ,2016

Prepping up for winters with Vero Moda

Hey, loves!
I’ve two posts for you guys today. Yay!!
So, as I was writing this post I was going through some YouTube Travel  videos before and it made me miss all those trips I’ve had in last year and how much it has changed me as a person. I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to travel more often. You know that one moment when you realise that this particular thing is your calling and you feel the happiest when you’re doing that, I guess that’s what Travel and fashion is to me. As cliche as it sounds, I would rather spend my money on experiences rather than materialistic things.
Anyways, coming back to this post I was going through Veromoda’s new collection and I thought of creating a winter look.
Their winter collection is so fun and if I could, I would’ve picked everything from the store. 🙈 I even showed you guys their collection and you guys seem to love it.
For this post, I wanted to create a fun look using the staples for autumn/winter season.
The hero of this look is definitely this neon green coat. It’s quite different and yet so fun at the same time. I styled it with this must have suede skirt and a basic white graphic sleeveless tee. To complete I added this classic sling bag, patent leather boots and I was good to go.

Hope you guys like the look.
Until next time,
Xoxo #bohogirlies

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