• July 17 ,2019

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture just got over after 9 days filled with immense fashion and varied brands showcasing their collection; from Iris Van Herpen to Elle Saab and Chanel. The best of the best names were present to witness these made to measure collections in Paris. The runway, as usual, remained the place to single out trends; some were a continuation of themes we have seen before in New York, London and Milan, but some were completely new for Spring 2019. 

Paris is known for its Sartorial fashion and exquisite choices; so, let’s look at some of the fashion trends that are here to stay.



This trend has reached the runways Since Kim Kardashian wore these and stepped out of her house. Mugler and Chanel came in with tailored jackets while Stella McCartney came up with a bicycle short jumpsuit with a sexy plunging neckline and a huge handbag to complete the look.


This is the trend that brings nostalgia with it, a throwback to the ‘80s in a puffy Saint Laurent dress or go lady-like in Andrew Gn. Polka dots make people feel young and happy. The runway was filled with polka dots in all colours, but the monochromatic one was everybody's favourite. 



Jeans and Jackets are usually the things that come to our mind when we talk about Denim, but Designers at the Paris Fashion Week had a different take on it altogether. From tie-dye to acid finish, we have now got an array of choices. Skirts and dresses, all featured denim, with jackets paired with regular slacks at Dior, extremely high waist and high-hem shorts with bold shouldered jackets at Isabel Marant, and a whole slew of designs at Balmain, which was very different from what Balmain usually does.



Black and Blazers never go out of fashion; it was prevalent across the Fashion Week 2019. Most people were so happy to see this trend as black blazers are a must-have piece in everybody’s wardrobe. Haider Ackermann gave us looser-fit slim styles that played on the androgynous, as for Celine, nothing can be said about the smart tailoring there. Whether you want simpler or ruffled up, there were enough designers to be using this trend.



Another trend that will never get out of fashion, no matter what. And this looks good on everybody, in every size be it small or large, single or a combination, clustered or scattered, it matters not. Whether we are looking at Altuzarra’s life-like florals or the more abstract at Chloe. They look amazing on coats, on skirts, on tops and dresses, accentuating the figure, hiding the bulges and generally adding a sense of feminine to the outfits presented. 


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