• December 26 ,2016


Hello loves! 
It's almost New Years!! 
I thought of sharing an outfit idea with you guys. 
So, While I was shooting at this location, two innocent girls decided to join in. The joy in their eyes and seeing how happy and excited they were to witness the whole shoot process was unreal.
It was something which forced me to think how simple things can make you feel happy in your life. Most of the times,  we are constantly running after something or another, it's like a black hole you keep on filling and still you won't feel satisfied.  What our souls actually need is a deep connection, someone to love and share our thoughts with. So, this year I've decided to keep my phone down and to focus on making a real conversation, a real connection. 
It's very easy with so many options which are only a click away to deviate and get trapped but we need to realise the fact that social media is only a small part of our lives. 
Coming back to the post, I wore this veromoda dress from their new party collection and oh my!! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. 
I Really like the fabric and colour. Usually I shy away from wearing reds but this dress made an exception. This off shoulder dress is just perfect to stand out and shine in the crowd. 
I didn't want the dress to compete with any jewellery because it's already a star so I decided to only add these rhinestone studded earrings, which are pretty classic and I always reach out to them when I want to keep things understated yet put together. 
To complete my Cinderella moment, I wore my all time favourite red lace up heels from Steve Madden and I was ready for the party.

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