• May 31 ,2016

How to wear Metallic Trend during day time!!

I’ve never really been a fan of event based dressing. For me fashion is all about expressing yourself even if it’s breaking the so called ‘rules’ in fashion.
Metallics in your outfit has always been considered to be a going-out outfit.
But, i don’t find any reason to keep Metallics restricted to just that.
So, for today’s post, I’ve thought of sharing a simple day look using metallic. Not to forget, metallic is too hot on trend right now. It’s quite unconventional but obvious to distinguish you in the crowd. You can check out the various pieces in ONLY store, they’ve a great variety from dresses, skirts, tops and shoes they have it all.
I picked up this metallic shorts from ONLY recently. I love mixing different pieces together and the result is always refreshing. I paired these shorts with a white sheer shirt and to tone things down and make it look more of a causal outfit I hung This studded denim jacket on my shoulders. Lastly, I added these white basic converse and Grey cat eye shaped reflectors and I was good to go.
They key to this trend during daytime is to mix it with casual pieces and keeping things causal.
It can be easily made into a going out outfit by switching the converse for red heels and adding a clutch.
Hope you guys like the post, I’ll see you next time!
Xoxo #Bohogirlies

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