• February 02 ,2017


Hey loves, 

So, I have been planning to expand my blog for a long time and I'm finally going to do it soon. I will be focussing on beauty, food and travel as well, along with fashion. And I'm sure you guys have already noticed the website makeover. Speaking of this, there's a new post talking about the trends to look out for in 2017, so go check that out!


You guys know that I've been working with Only for almost a year now. Only is a fashion brand with a broad and international approach. Looking at the latest trends, Only defines its unique version of fashion, and this uniqueness is displayed in its stores and collections. 


For this post, I wanted to show you guys exactly how to incorporate patchwork pieces into your outfit. 

Gone are the days when patchwork was simply used to make quilts or fix our old jeans. What used to be merely a hobby, has now been adopted by fashion designers everywhere as one of the most popular trends recently! So let me help you hop on to this quirky trend.

I styled this patchwork jacket and dress together. The key here is to let one piece be the star of your whole outfit,which in this case is the denim jacket. But this look is not complete yet. To add a little edge, I added these nerdy glasses, which by the way are finally available on The Hype Shop! 

To pretty things up, I finished it off with a pretty layered choker necklace and a pair of gladiator heels and I was good to go!

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