• March 28 ,2017

How to style bodysuits! (Tips and Tricks)


Since there is a new craze for bodysuits these days, we thought, 'What better time to guide people about it?' 
Bodysuits recently have been devloped as the 'new craze'. Every celebrity has been seen wearing one and women are on the verge of discovering that those are god gifted. 


For all of you who don't know about it- 
What is a bodysuit?
  It is a skin tight garment which is strechable and has bottons which you fasten at your crotch (No, that is not as uncomfortabel as it sounds like). Look at the image below to get a better look. 

They come is various designs and shapes. The bodysuits have a world of their own, and once you buy one, you'll exactly know what we are talking about. 
Look at some of the bodysuits below for more reference. This is how it looks like, exactly like a swimsuit but not a swimsuit.  

Now one can pair it up with a lot many things. We go by the motto, 'when in doubt, wear a bodysuit'. Pair it up with jeans, shorts, kimono etc etc, there are infinte possiblities.
Initially two years back, they were not in trend but when Kim Kardishan and Kendall Jenner were clicked wearing one, that was all people could talk about.


We have created four looks in which we give ideas on how to style a bodysuit
If you live in Delhi, then you can easily shop it at H&M and Forever 21, but if not then order it online from Forever 21 or any other website such as asos.com or ajio.com 

Look Number 1. 

You can wear bodysuits with traditional skirts or plazzos. It creates a proportionate look which guarantees a great look. This is a black cold shoulder bodysuit. As bodysuits are skin tight, wearing them with something flowy gives you a great look and feel. It also gives you an edge over your outfit! 



We all know how crazy people are for boyfrriend jeans, though the most common problem that we face is how to style them? So Kritika styled her favourite boyfriend jeans with her bodysuit. This bodysuit was purchased from Ajio.com. For people looking for an extensive range of bodysuits, don't forget to check out Ajio.com. They have a great collection, which shall leave you wanting for more!

The second one is from Asos! It's a mesh bodysuit and totally lights up the outfit!


Now another way to style a bodysuit is to pair it up with shorts and put on a kimono over it. This again gives your outfit an edge. Women usually pair it up with a camisol, but it doesn't provide the shape to the body as a bosysuit does!


Now this a sporty look. Pair up a boysuit with your favourite jeans or jeggings and pair it up with shoes. Take a sling or a back-pack and you are all ready to rock your day! 

Well thats pretty much it. We hoped we helped! 
If you haven't bought a bodysuit already, then do! Bodysuit looks good on all shape and sizes. So NO more doubt, more shopping! 

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