• August 14 ,2016

How to Pull Off The Geek Chic Trend!

Hello, loves!
Hope and pray that everyone’s doing good.
I am always looking for new ideas and projects and for this post, you guys actually motivated me to do so.

I read all my comments and some of you guys have been requesting a work wear look.

So, for this post, I collaborated with Vero Moda to show you guys how you can style this geek- chic trend. I’ve never been inclined towards chic fashion but it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone, right?
This cute and quirky trend has been doing the rounds on the international runway, having a moment for the past few years.
So, I decided to go ahead and jot down a few pointers if you’re going for this trend.
1. Fake Glasses – Nothing screams nerdy to me more than a person wearing classic black frame glasses. I knew I had to incorporate this in my look when I was planning out the shoot. I got mine from Sarojini. They’re really inexpensive and you can pretty much find them everywhere. Bonus point- they’re a must have accessory this season.

2. Prints – prints are like the hero of this trend. You can easily nail it if you mix the right ones. Diagonal stripes, ditsy square are one of the classic examples. For instance, I’m wearing this diagonal striped skirt from Vero moda which can be easily dressed up or down.

3. Mix and match- Slogan T-shirt with the whole Vintage feel gives it more of a geek chic vibe. I wore this basic slogan tee from vero and this maroon blazer which compliments the printed skirt really well.

4. Sheer blouses- sheer blouses with a bow tie give it that nerdy element. I found one with polka dots in their store in cream colour which can be a wardrobe staple as well.

5. Shoes- Oxfords rule this look. If you want to amp up your geek chic- workwear look, go for Oxfords!! I added these red oxfords to add a dash of geek chic to this outfit with this unexpected footwear choice.

I hope you guys like the look. Checkout the full collection at vero moda. They’ve their new collection dedicated to geek chic trend in their stores.
If you happen to recreate this look, don’t forget to tag me in your pictures.
Until next time,
Xoxo #Bohogirlies

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