• February 28 ,2019

Dresscode Manyavar

Weddings are magic! Especially Indian Weddings – where the cousins and aunts and uncles are more excited than the bride and groom. Where the wedding is someone else’s, but it’s us who’s stuck with the month long planning of what to wear and from where to buy. Even before the outfit craze begins, there’s a phase where the entire family has joined the gym and is drinking green tea every day to get rid of some extra kilos as they get ready to slay at the wedding. 

Weddings are indeed beautiful! We Indian families make it fun too! 

Since how long have you been planning to look the hottest younger sister at your elder sister’s wedding? Don’t tell me you haven’t added ‘Paise Do Joote Lo’ song to your sangeet playlist! I have and I know that you have too. We don’t celebrate wedding as a ceremony between two people, instead we celebrate it like a grand festival with functions lined up for an entire week. That week goes by dressing up, dancing and having fun – but the most stressful time is the time when we need to plan our outfits. 

‘I need the yellow outfit for the haldi ceremony and the father needs a blue kurta for the engagement party. The mother needs a light pink saree for the sangeet while the aunt needs a bright one for the wedding. The groomsmen are co-ordinating and wearing shades of green while the bridesmaids are going for shades of violet. Dadi also needs an off-white elegant saree and Dadaji said he will only wear a deep red kurta.’

The list can go endless and this is for one function. Remember the festivities go on for a week. 

So what we really need during this demanding time is Manyavar – because Wedding = Manyavar. 

What if I told you that you can sort your outfits in a day with the clothes that you love at this one stop destination? Sounds unreal right? 

Manyavar brings us #DresscodeManyavar..kyunki shaadi mei impression toh jamana hota haina.

Manyavar has amazingly curated wedding outfits for the entire family so that we all enjoy this festival of marriage together and with all of our hearts. Weddings aren’t supposed to be about stress, they’re only about love, love and of course impression. (which Manyavar takes pretty good care of)

Manyavar understands how important a best friend’s wedding is and they know how special a daughter’s wedding is. They understand how many years have gone in dreaming and planning this wedding and they are adamant on leaving no stone unturned to make this day, the happiest day for the bride, the groom, the family, the friends and anyone and everyone. 

Make a statement impression this wedding season only in #DresscodeManyavar


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