• April 15 ,2017


Hey Loves, 

Hope everyone is doing good!

This week has been crazy busy. If you follow me on Snapchat you'll know why. Completed almost 6 shoots and one video in 2 days, flew down to Mumbai and came back the same day after walking the ramp with Kangana Ranaut. Now you know why. ðŸ™†ðŸ»

All I'm thinking about right now is a vacation. Ahh!!! Relaxing for some time without any worries and tasks to check off my list. Hahah don't we all wish for that? But yeah I may or may not be going somewhere next week and I'm super pumped about that. 
But before that, I wanted to write this post.

Denim on denim. I'm sure you've heard about this trend plenty of times and it's still going strong this year. Denim is a staple and there are so many different ways to style it. 

So, I decided to head over to my nearest ONLY store and I picked up few pieces from their new collection which I should tell you is so good! You'll find everything from patchwork denims, to your staple denim pieces and skinny fit jeans which are so comfy. 

I decided to give it my own spin and styled three different looks for every kind of girl out there. If you like street style, glam or nerdy look I've got you covered. 


FIRST LOOK :- I styled my patchwork skinny jeans with a black bralette and a light wash denim button down. To add a hint of street style look, I added this bandanna which is actually a headband. Lastly, I paired it with black boots and I was good to go. 


    SECOND LOOK:- I kept the same patchwork jeans on and paired with a oversized jacket. To add that glam I styled it with this huge rhinestone choker. 

THIRD LOOK:- I styled this denim dress with a white mesh top and tied a knot around my waist. I paired it with this maroon bag, tinted glasses and my chunky boots to add that nerdy vintage vibe. 
Which look is you favorite? 
If you're looking to add some denim pieces to your wardrobe, checkout ONLY's new collection and you'll be spoilt for choice. 

Also head to your nearest store and you can get 1 denim at 15% off and 2 at 25% off.  Also, use the code ' BOHODENIMIZE ' for an additional 5% off on only.in!👖 along with the above offer


Until next time, Xoxo #bohogirlies

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