• November 04 ,2016

Three Katrina Kaif hairstyles decoded with BBLUNT!

Hey, Loves!
I’m back with another post. I know you guys love hairstyling posts so I collaborated with BBLUNT, this time to decode three Katrina Kaif hairstyles. I’ll be using just three products from BBLUNT, which are especially created for Indian hair and weather, to effortlessly recreate these hairstyles. Before I take you to the hairstyles, let me tell what each of these products actually do.
1. BBLUNT High Definition Curl Curl, Defining Leave-in Cream: This leave in cream enhances your waves and leaves your curls looking wonderful. Also, provides protection against adverse weather and environmental damage.
2. BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream: This anti-frizz leave in cream for everyday use also smoothens your hair by keeping frizz away, leaving you in charge. The SPF factor protects from environment and heat styling damage.
3. BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine: Gives even the dullest hair a glossy, smooth finish. This spray-on serum promises maximum shine with minimum fuss.
Although Katrina mostly sports the simplest of looks, she does have a few oomphatic signature hairstyles.She has been well adored in all her looks from the cute front fringes in the movie Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani to her fiery red hair at the Cannes runway. For this post, I’ll be showing you my personal favourite hairstyles that Katrina has beautifully adorned.
Let’s get to the styling now!
Big voluminous curls
This one is my favourite style because it lets my hair dance in its wild spirit. And also, it’s easy peasy breezy~

1- For this I first used BBLUNT High Definition Curl-Defining Leave-In Cream. I applied 3 pumps to the mid-lengths to ends of my damp hair and scrunched it a bit. This will create more volume and will help in holding the curls together for longer.

2- Then I used my curling iron (using this travel-size one because I broke the other one :p) and curled my hair like I normally do. 

3- This is the most important step. After I am done with the curling wand, I roll up my curls and pin them securely using bobby pins so that they stay in place as you can see in the picture below. I let the curls stay this way for 15 mins.

4- After that, I removed all the bobby pins and used my fingers to give them some texture and make them appear more natural.

5- Lastly, I used BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine to give it a finishing touch.

Messy textured braid

This is how Katrina did it, and below is how I do it!

1- My hair was already nicely curled so I started off by doing a side part. Thanks to the BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream that I used before, I knew the curls and volume is gonna last all day.

2- Then I took a small section from the front portion and I started normally braiding. Once I reached the ear section I secured it with some bobby pins.

3- Then I pulled the rest of my hair, made a side braid.

4- To add some texture and the look of messiness, I pulled at the loops of my braid a bit and here you go! This is my second hairstyle.

Vintage poofy half up half down hair –

There are many ways to wear a bump, also known as Bouffant, in your hair. Some like the bump high, towards the front of their head, while others prefer the bump toward the crown of their head. It’s all a matter of personal preference. I prefer mine at the crown. Here’s how I created it-
1. I started with applying BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream to the mid-lengths to ends of my hair. I took 3 pumps of the cream as my hair is prettay long haha!

Just look at the flawlessness the cream has given my hair!
2. I pulled my hair starting from the front sides of my head to the top of the crown. Then I did a little back-combing of the crown section and used my fingers to gather the hair to make a bump.

3. Then I pushed up the bump a bit to give it a poof.

4. Lastly, I secured down the base of the bump with some bobby pins. Et Voila!


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