• March 27 ,2017


Hey loves, 

It has been a really long time since you guys have been asking for my skincare routine! It's not the best one, but the easiest. It's really simple to follow and if followed religiously, you'll have fresh-glowing skin in no time! 
I don't use anything too fancy for my face, it's the normal drugstore products and they have never dissappointed me! 

Lets start with my 'Morning Routine'

Step Number 1- I wake up and wash my face! I massage my face for a good amount of 1 minute so that all the dirt and grease gets out. The products that I use are the Ponds Facewash or the Milk Facewash. 

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Step Number 2- I apply the toner or the rosewater! Now most people skip this step but what they don't realise is that applying Toner on one's face is really important. They shrink the pores on the face and prevent acne!

Step number 3-  I then moisturize my skin, or if I'm applying makeup, I put on a primer by Loreal or Mac which are my favourite. 

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Step number 4- Then I follow my makeup routine. (Which will be on Youtube soon!)

'Night Routine'.

Step number 1- I on reaching home cleanse my skin first with Milk Facewash. This isn't available in India, but you can buy it online at the link I've provided up.

Step Number 2- I apply Toner on my face which is also from Jovees! I personally love all their products! 

Step Number 3- I then moisturize my face again with a cream from Milk and Prepare to sleep!

Now this routine is nothing special, almost everyone follows it, but then there are the lazy days where we refuse to do anything, which is wrong. Cleanse-tone-moisturize should be the mantra.

The following are my healthy-to-go-skin hacks-

  • I exfoilate my skin at least once a week!
  • I get a cleanup done in every two weeks! Now this is again important beacuse timely cleanups ensure that your skin is free from all bacteria and tanning. 
  • Drink lots of water and flush out those toxins! 
  • Instead if buying masks, I make DIY organic masks which are soo much better! 



Agree or not, cucumber is great for skin! Crush it all and apply overnight! 


Now I don't crush it but cut slices and massage it over my face for good five miuntes!

  Besan Mask.

Now this works everytime. Our mother, grandmother have been telling us to apply Besan on the face to get rid of any problem that we have. I use a besan mask at least thrice a week to ensure my skin stays fresh and healthy. 
The besan mask that I use is quite easy to make. I mix Besan, Haldi( 1 tbsp) and lemon drops (not more than 3-4). Apply it and leave it until it dries out! Rest assured you will see the difference in a week!

That was all you guys!
I hope this helps! 





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