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Hello, Loves! <3> I hope and pray everyone’s doing good. Sorry for tarry, this post has been overdue for so long. Since this is one of my most requested post, I wanted it to be perfect and informative which can actually benefit y’all.
Today’s post is all about Haircare tips and tricks.
All these tips and tricks I’ve personally experienced and I can’t go without sharing this experience. I’m not a hair expert but I’m just sharing what worked for me. So, here are some of my tried and tested methods to make your hair grow faster and keep it healthy.

It was tiring to grow my hair. I always ended up being sad. I didn’t stop toiling until I got a method. It may sound strange but the thing worked for me and I didn’t have to trim or cut my hair at all. What! You guys must be thinking. It’s against popular belief that to grow your hair out, you should go for hair trim every one/two months but it never worked. Now, I usually go for trims, maybe once in 6 months.

2. Hair Masks
Growing up my mom has instilled this habit of using natural products and I’m a firm believer in using natural products. There are tons of recipes available on natural hair masks. For eg. curd and lemon-they act as a natural conditioner and prevent hair fall as well. Honey+mashed banana+olive oil- this hair mask is really good for hair growth. Let me know if you guys want an in-depth post on hair masks and I shall do it for you.

3. Jaborandi oil
This has been the best kept secret of mine. And I’ve many people in my family who’ve seen tremendous results after using this oil. Jaborandi oil is basically a homeopathic oil and is made of Jaborandi herbs which prevents hair fall and even treats baldness. I’ve been using this oil from past 2 years and all I can say is that it works really well for me. I use it twice or thrice a week depending on how many times I wash my hair. I mix 20-30 drops with my coconut or olive oil and massage it on my scalp for sometime and leave it for an hour.

4. Changing your lifestyle
I know you’ve read this probably everywhere and you must be bored to death with this sentence- drinking loads of water and proper nutrition but it’s out there for some reason. If any of you guys have been following me for a pretty long time, you guys must be aware that I weighed around 80kgs before and I had a really bad lifestyle. I used to eat so much of junk that it affected my body including my skin, hair etc. But pretty soon after that, I started following a healthy lifestyle and trust me it will do wonders for your skin and hair. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water and adding loads of fruits and veggies to your diet will not only change you physically but also mentally. Try it for yourself and see the change.

5. Say no to heat
Most of the times I don’t use heat on my hair, you guys know as you’ve rarely seen me in super curly or straight hair. My hair texture is naturally wavy and I like to let it remain so. Usually, I just wash my hair and leave the house and I let it dry naturally. Stay away from heat as much as you can.

6. Washing your hair
There was a time when I used to wash my hair daily and that really affected my hair, now what I do is I wash my hair only twice or once a week and when on 2nd or 3rd day I find it greasy I just do a braid(which looks super cool and is trendy) to skip the hairwash and according to me 2nd day hair works better for different hairstyles as it gives a really awesome texture.
How to wash your hair
Use a mild shampoo and only shampoo your scalp. Rinse your hair with cold water as it helps to close the cuticle of your hair and lock the moisture from the conditioner.

7. Conditioner
Never ever skip your conditioner. Shampoos do a really good job at cleansing our hair but it also removes our natural hair oil and conditioners on the other side have oils in their formula which makes the hair less dry and super soft. 

8. Products
I know you guys are going to laugh at me but the truth is use sunsilk shampoo and conditioner yea Sunsilk ? instead running after fancy products just for the sake of it, if something works for you, great! Continue. I’ve tried every product under the sun but I’ve found Sunsilk works for me.
If you really want to splurge on some products I would suggest you to buy Moroccan oil. It works wonders for your hair and keeps them shiny in the long run.

9. Oiling
I know this is one of the steps most people skip, but oiling is really necessary for your hair. If you’ve a oily scalp just like me don’t apply too much on the scalp focus more at the ends. I personally use coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil.

I hope this post was helpful to you guys. If you’ve any queries let me know. I’ve been thinking to make this a series and include one-two blog posts every month about hair care because there’s so much to talk about, I kept it really simple and short in this post because I didn’t want to bore you guys. Let me know and I’ll make it a point to do it regularly.

DISCLAIMER: These advices for tips and tricks are result of an individual’s tests and trails. Hence, blogger is not liable to any clause.

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