• April 19 ,2017


Hello Loves,
I look for short escapes in life to sometimes distract myself. Since I was a kid, I have loved reading. During childhood, it used to be about trolls and giants and now its about the people and their stories. 
StoryTeller is such a platform where I read stories written by people about the most profound life incidents in the form of fiction and non-fiction! I love how these stories are about us and how we are not alone in experiencing things alone! 
Whenever I'm free, I just start reading and I feel at peace. The people who write these stories aren't published writers, they are everyday people like you and I, with extraordinary imagination. 
Reading stories are so important, actually reading is important, irrespective of whatever one reads! 
There are days when I have no time whatsoever but I make sure I make time for it. 
This collection of 15 short stories offered by The Storyteller while reading feels like I'm experiencing and watching these stories unfold infront of my eyes and the best part is they are super relatable and written by people like us. After reading those stories, I just feel that I'm not alone! It is normal for us to feel and experience various emotions. 
So go read some of the stories and I promise they won't disappoint you. Who knows, you might just find yourself in one of them. 
Hop on to this journey with me and tell me about your experience with The Storyteller. I'm giving the free subscription of The Storyteller for the whole year to first 50 people who comment on this post with their email address. You can also link your Paytm account and get the subscription for just Rs. 300. 
So what are you waiting for?

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20-Apr-2017 01:32:14 AM

This is so amazing i would love to read this :') there are times when you feel so lost like you have lost each and everyone the closed ones from your life, it is so hard to smile and be happy like nothing happened life is so hard :((. You are so inspiring your blog is amazing <3 I would love to read this it would make me feel so much better and happy :)

Poorva Sharma
22-Apr-2017 02:50:49 PM

I do too really want to read those stories.

Karuna Ailuri
23-Apr-2017 03:24:12 PM

Wowwww ,I love all kinds of stories You name it I will complete it with One sitting. But among the most I love Fiction ^_^.

25-Apr-2017 01:54:06 PM

I would realy like to read the story...

27-Apr-2017 03:18:21 PM


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