• September 25 ,2018

Come Canada with Me | Exploring the West Coast of Canada!

Hey Loves, I know I haven't been very active for quite a while but trust me, I have such wonderful stuff to tell you all. You all are aware of my absolute love for travelling so when Explore Canada reached out for a collaboration, I just couldn't hold back my excitement. I want to tell you guys all about my amazing trip and what all I did there.

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After travelling for 25 hours and changing 3 flights, I finally landed on the beautiful west coast of Canada. I chose this part of the country since it is not really talked about despite being so pretty. I’m so glad for Explore Canada to introduce me to such a beautiful country and for making this trip full of wonderful adventures.

I chose comfort for my airport look and wore a T-shirt dress with a jacket with a really cosy pair of footwear. When I reached Calgury International Airport, Canada, the hotel was kind enough to send a cab which took me to the hotel. It was a two hour drive before I reached Lake Louise Inn. It was a decent hotel which had almost everything around its proximity and thus it was super easy to commute from there. You can check the hotel at -

I freshened up and changed into a printed dress with an army green jacket jacket. I had taken this trip in July as it is the best time to visit Canada - everything is just so scenic and beautiful. I chose to explore the places near the hotel on the first day and clicked some very beautiful pictures of the city. I had my dinner at the hotel itself and was so delighted to find such nice vegetarian options. I opted for a Pizza and it turned out to be absolutely amazing. 

My second day began with a lot of excitement. I wore a printed shirt and cosily wrapped a stole around me. I also carried a super cute bag which complimented my look so well. After eating a delicious breakfast, I set out to explore the Canadian Rockies on a horseback. It was a very calming and a peaceful experience to witness the wallpaper worthy scenes especially on a horse. I then climbed an elevation of 7000 feet to a tarn in a valley above Lake Louise through the Lake Agnes teahouse ride. Everything was so beautiful with the picturesque forests rich with Spruce and Fir trees. Each and every minute of my day was very refreshing and full of breath-taking scenes.

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apoorva pradhan
30-Mar-2017 10:44:42 AM

hey i love everything about u .u r just amazing and u give such major fashion goals.😊

Ridhi Suhala
27-Apr-2017 10:27:26 AM

You are The Most Amazing Person I Have Come Across I JUST love you Diduuuuuuu ..!!! ❤❤❤❤

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